Frudia Ultra UV Shield Sun Essence


  1. Strong UV protection (SPF 50+ PA++++)

Completelyl block UVA and UVB to protect skin

  1. Hydration

Triple hyaluronic acid prevents moisture loss due to Uv rays and offers deep moisture to skin

  1. NO white cast NO lifting

Express your natural skin at any time without white casts even though you reapply it several times

  1. Prevent external harmful elements

Strong shield that protect skin moisture barrier from external hazardous substances as well as UV rays

  1. Moist texture

Provide deep moistre to skin with moist and thin texture just like applying a moisturizing essence




  1. Triple Hyaluronic acid (Strong Hydration)

– Long-lasting and intensive hydration

– Protect delicate skin tissues from external irritation

– Prevent moisture from evaporating by creating a layer on skin surface


  1. Natural Protector (Patented ingredient to strengthen skin moisture barrier)

– Patented ingredient to strengthen skin moisture barries

– Improve skin condition with intensive hydration and soothing effect


  1. Pollustop (Prevent external harmful environment)

– Ingredients that fall undes anionic polysaccharide protect skin from harmful external elements

– Completely prevent air pollution substance and fine dust

– Neutralize harmful heavy metal and UV to protect skin


  1. Acerola (Highly nutritious vitamin fruit)

– Highly nutritious vitamin fruit that overcame harsh conditions with strong sunlight and high temperature


How To Use

In the last step of skincare, evenly apply a moderate amount on the area exposed to UV rays and absorb it



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